What Causes Carpet Mold?

Hardwood floor becomes more popular each year, but carpet is still the most common type of flooring found in most homes across the country. Homeowners love the cushioning, color and comfort of carpet in their home.

But carpet can be difficult to maintain. It needs regular vacuuming every day, it needs spot treatment for spills and stains and it needs deep cleaning from a professional company once every 12 months or even more often.

Your carpet is very sensitive to moisture. If carpet is exposed to too much water or moisture, there are several problems that can occur and one of them is carpet mold. Not all carpet mold is visible. In fact, most often, the mold is underneath the surface. You might notice this mold in your home by its smell. If a musty or mildew smell is being emitted from your carpet, there is a good sign that there is carpet mold beneath the surface of the fibers.

The smell is most common after water damage occurs. You need to hire a water damage restoration service in the event of water damage in your home or to your carpet.

However, one of the most common causes for the mildew or musty smell of carpet comes from deep cleaning carpet. Homeowners will often complain of the smell a day or two after hiring a carpet cleaner to steam clean their carpet. But therein lies the problem.

The technical term for steam cleaning carpet is hot water extraction. This process for cleaning carpet requires extreme amounts of moisture to clean the carpet. The equipment blasts wonder under the backing of the carpet to the point where it reaches the carpet pad itself.

The service will dry the surface of the carpet with heated suction. This results in a dry touch after 6-12 hours to where most homeowners believe their carpet is dry. The problem is, the equipment is unable to dry or remove the moisture that went as deep as the carpet pad.

That moisture sits there for 24-72 hours until mold starts to form. Then the mold produces the mildew or musty smell the homeowners complain of.

This means you need to be careful when hiring a carpet cleaner. Research the company’s methods to see if the company uses steam cleaning or hot water extraction. There are alternatives to these methods.

You can hire services that use a chemical form of cleaning called “dry carpet cleaning ” that uses hot carbonating extraction instead of hot water extraction.

You don’t need to upgrade to hardwood or tile floor to avoid mold in your carpet. You can avoid carpet mold with routine vacuuming to avoid water or liquids sitting on the surface of the carpet and by hiring a company that uses an alternative method of deep cleaning than steam cleaning.

This will ensure that no mold grows in your carpet and your home will be free of the musty and mildew smell associated with carpet mold.

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