Wet Your Plants With These Unusual Gardening Hacks

This Unusual Gardening Hack is So Fun to Do!!!! One of my favorite videos, Hey.. kids. if you try these, make sure!.. one of your parents are supervising. These are great hints because they look like they will work. More importantly, all the stuff needed is easily found and at no cost

What they says about this vedeo?

Check this out!

Karen Elder says: I am interested in learning how to raise beautiful “hostas”! I bought 3 big hostas, and squirrels ate my hostas before, so I am going to sprinkle hot pepper around them!

Diane Davidson says: They where amazing my son grows a lot in plant pots . So we will be trying some of they’s thank you

Annette Rapson says: Some really great ideas for the not so green thumb people who dont know how but would love to try and grow something from scratch…
Experimenting is fun and satisfying.

Jenny Christine Vanderford says: I know exactly what he’s talking about. I sprout mung beans on a damp paper towel in my desk drawer. Very nutritious, but they smell like death.

Kayla Kaspar says: I love how they say the toothpick trick for avocados. It never works. I had been experimenting with growing them and was successful. All i did was strip the skin off the seed, rough it up a bit with the back side of a sponge, put it in water. It takes a while but it will crack and grow from the center of that crack. Currently on my second one

Grace David say: There is only one thing here that has any merit and that would be the soap under the fingernails trick. The rusty nail water would never, ever recover that sick houseplant. That’s a new plant in the “after” photo. Sour milk mixed with soil? No! Ick!

Jacqueline Kemp says: I have dug my nails into a bar of soap since I was 8 or 9 yers old. If you get to help Grandma in the garden, you dig your nails into soap FIRST, before gardening – then clean nails after and they are sparkling.

Stella J. Smith says: Forget the soap under the nails. Using gloves is best. When I came to NC I dug in my flower beds with my bare hands and then scrubbed them. I ended up with fungus under my thumb nails. Took losing my nails and 6 mos treatment to heal. Doc said use gloves ( rubber content if possible) because southern soil especially has fungus in it. The rusty nail water is good for Hydranges helps to keep blue color.

Larry Hong says: Would be careful with the spoiled milk fertilizer. Using it in the inside may promote some funk indoors. Using it outside may attract rodents, if you use it outside, make sure it’s buried fairly deep.

Traci Sawyer-Sinkbeil says: Tip: get the coffee grounds from Starbucks (free by the way) and sprinkle and cultivate around your plants every other month. My hibiscus plants LOVE it. On the alternating months, I use 1 cup of vinegar in a gallon of water to water the hibiscus plants. Keeps them green and growing


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