Watercolor Easter Eggs

Using watercolor for easter eggs this year, really opened the door to new egg design possibilities!

Here, you’ll see 3 easy egg painting techniques, you can try out yourself.

1.Tie-Dye Eggs

My 3-year-old helped me paint these tie-dye eggs.  All you have to do, is paint the egg one color of choice.  Then, with a wet brush, dab on another color on top, and let it run down the sides.

Lots of fun and super easy!

2.Polka Dot Eggs

This time, we tried using a pencil eraser to stamp on polka dots.

Again, lots of fun and super easy!

3.Painting Shapes

The final evolution of our watercolor adventures had us painting flowers, bunny rabbits and carrots!  Watercolor allows for a good amount of error, so even if you think you’re no good at art, give it a try.  You’ll be surprised by the adorable results.

Just dab on color to create the small shapes you desire.  Add another touch of color to create interest if necessary.  That’s it! Doesn’t take long at all.

With all 3 styles, you’ll have a wonderful array of suprises in the yard for egg-hunting

I hope this adds a little inspiration to your day!

Have fun with it,

and have a very Happy


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