Wallpaper Charm

Wallpaper ideas that add personality to a room.

Have you ever considered using wallpaper in your home? The notion of using wallpaper has definitely dwindled over the years. Partly because it’s so hard to remove if you change your mind, and partly due to modern home decor leaning towards minimalistic looks. It’s not often we get to see really great examples of the use of wallpaper as we do in this home.

This house puts fears aside and makes a person eager to take a chance! Every room is a new display of art and charm. It’s too wonderful not to capture, to remember for a day when we work up the courage to take the wallpaper plunge in our own home!

This bathroom looks innocent enough at first … but look a little closer!

This next bathroom is really a sight to see, and honestly very hard to capture on camera to due justice. A circus revival, not short on color at all!

Below is a children’s room. Perfect for little sleeping heads, dreaming of a wilderness of bunny rabbits, deer and squirrels.

The below examples are a little more traditional, but very charming!

Ready to pull out the wallpaper brush now?

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