Sagging Sofa Cushion Support

One secret to the longevity of different items of furniture lies in the wily thinking of the owner. When a sofa ages or gets damaged, often times from the abuse of playing kids and just as often owing to age itself, it is common to toss the item away. However, in this day and age of better value shopping and hopes of extended lives for broken or slightly damaged things, a secret to keeping a sofa or chair somewhat fresh is in this product over here.

A top quality vinyl board, able to fold for extra durability or simply to get out of the way for partial repairs only, this item is perfect as a reconditioning surprise for the sagging springs of a chair, sofa or love seat. Inserting one of these beneath the cushions immediately resurrects the feel and sensation of the furniture when it was brand new. These are great for all kinds of other, similar things as well, including stiffening the bed for back relief by placement under the mattress.

Top Quality Sagging Sofa Cushion Support

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