Quick Tips on Setting an Elegant yet Informal Easter Table

The average American is not accustomed to sitting down to a five-course meal on fine bone china, so setting a very formal Easter table might have the negative effect of making your guests feel uncomfortable and out of place. Would you rather have your family and guests be worried about being on their best behavior, or feel completely at ease and have a wonderful time? Here are 3 quick tips on how to find the right balance between beautiful elegance and casual comfort.

Pick a simple theme and stick to it. There are many common symbols and themes surrounding Easter. Rather than incorporating a cross, bunny, bird, nest, eggs and a chick into one Easter table, just pick one idea and build your table around that. Then try a different theme next year. This year I used a porcelain bird, a nest of eggs, and a couple of flowering branches gathered from the backyard to create a simple, nature-inspired theme, that to me represents new birth and joy to come.

Use everyday materials. It’s okay to use less expensive place settings, just lay them out in an elegant manner. Rather than just using the typical dinner plate, fork, knife and spoon with a disposable napkin, layer in that extra salad plate, salad fork and top it off with a pretty cloth napkin. Here I used my mother’s everyday-ware called Spring Bouquet and topped it off with some charmingly embroidered napkins from Panama that my grandmother had given my mother many years ago. Another way I dressed it down and continued with my nature theme, was by using twine instead of traditional napkin rings.

Lastly, add something quirky and fun. Remind your family and friends that this is a celebration by throwing in something unexpected. Instead of typical water goblets, I used mason jars with bendy straws. How often do you drink out of a bendy straw at home? I don’t know why, but they just make me smile. Perhaps they’re just nostalgic for me. What’s something quirky that puts a smile on your face? Use it in your design, and it will probably be everyone’s favorite piece.

What are some other fun and elegant ideas for the Easter table this year? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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