Photo Diary: The Construction of a 16’x16′ Shed

This photo diary has been included in the blog, as a visual tool for those interested in the process of constructing a large shed.  It is also a useful education tool for me!  I will eventually try my hand at building a small potting shed, and seeing this photo diary will guide me through the correct procedures when I do.

Normally, I try to stick with projects I’ve actually done myself when contributing to this blog.  However, this added so much to our property, I feel it is still relevant to our ‘Habitat at Home’.  This is purely a photo diary.  No instructions included, as I am no expert!  It is wise to consult professionals when taking on something this large.  It is also advisable to find out if you need a license to build a structure on your property.  The laws on this differ, depending on where you live.

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