Invest In The Perfect Sofa

Whether you’re furnishing a new extension or replacing old favourite, It is worth taking the time to choose the right style for your space.

Things that needs to consider in choosing a sofa

Choosing a new sofa comes with making lots of decisions, not just in term of how much you spend, but how well it will work for you, your home and your style. This all important piece of furniture is likely to still be with you in 10 years time, so it’s worth thinking about it properly now. Start by figuring out what size you need.

Obviously you don’t want something that totally dominates the room or is swallowed up by its surroundings, so plot out your ideal size by sticking down a masking tape outline on the floor where it will go. Remember, the design of the sofa will also come into play here the narrower the arms, the more seating space between them, which impacts on how big the overall sofa needs to be.

Sizes is also important for delivery, if yo have narrow doors and hall ways you need to be sure it can fit through. Most companies will advise you on measuring for this and some have models that can be brought into the house in pieces and then assembled, so are guaranteed to fit. If you want a more formal looking sofa, go for a high backed model or one with feet; and for a more relaxed look, low backed design with covered feet work best.

Colour is entirely down to taste, but do keep in mind that pattern will make a centrepiece of your sofa, whereas a plain one is easier to fit into variety of scheme as you change your decor over the years. When it comes to material, leather is great for durability, but it does limit your colour choice and is bigger investment. If you’re set on a fabric sofa, cotton or linen are good options, and wool is very durable.

Essential information

  • Frame if your buy a sofa with a soft wood frame, such as pine, don’t expect it to last more than about five years. There are plenty of models on the market made from oak, ash or beech, which will all go the distance – ensure that the wood has come from a sustainable source.
  • Construction ask about how your sofa was put together before you buy. Strong frames are built with wooden dowels or metal screws and brackets. Steer clear of anything held together with glue and staples, as it won’t last as long.
  • Filling the two most common fillings for sofas are foam of fibre. Both are perfectly good options, foam retains is shape, is supportive and has a tailored look, while fibre is softer, moulds to the contours of the body and has a more relaxed appearance.

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