How To Remodel a Modern Bathroom!

Everyone would want to have a beautiful and clean house. Including the bathroom room at home. The bathroom is one important part. A clean and beautiful bathroom will certainly be more comfortable to use. So, do you want to renovate it to make it look clean, beautiful and be like new again?

Old Bathroom Remodeling Becomes Like New wants to share an example of the video ‘how to transform old bathrooms into cleaner and newer’.

Before Renovation, Images via com
After Renovation, Images via com

This video was made by Modern Builds at youtube channel. Check this out!

Modern bathroom renovation delta upstile

In the video, renovations were carried out thoroughly, starting from the floor to repainting. In the video explaining step by step how to remodel the bathroom.

Making a mood board
Remove old tiles a few times
Installing the delta upstile tub and shower surround
Tiling The Floor
Putting It All Together

Comment from Emily Lindstrom

I don't think it looks to sterile at all with the pops of color (black). I would suggest pulling the black towards the front a little though, as it is right now it's all in the back.. so like a black hand towel and black soap dish/pump, toothbrush holder, etc on the vanity top would do it, just a little to balance it out from front to back. High contrast black and white art on the wall above the hand towel with a black frame maybe. Little decorating things to pull it all together.

Comment from Lukas Huber

Wow. Cool remodel, but this showed me that American homes work really differently compared to European (Austrian) homes, Keep it up!

Comment from Joshua Luther

That's my kind of bathroom remodel. I'm not a fan of all the white but I definitely love the panels in the shower. So much quicker than tile. I do love all the fixtures in it as well.

By the way, the bathroom is actually a room that is easily abandoned compared to other rooms in the house such as family rooms or kitchen rooms.
And in fact, the bathroom is also a room that can directly affect the health of our family. That is why we must be more careful in caring for it.

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