How to Make a Felt Mouse

This mouse was made as part of a larger garden project.

To see that, go to this page:




Regular Thread

Embroidery Thread

Cotton Balls or Stuffing

1.Cut out the felt shapes as you see above.  Two of the brown and one of the white.

2. Sew up the back of the mouse, with regular thread.  Just sew up the back, leaving the front open.

3. Sew on the white belly with regular thread, as you see above.

4. To make the base, draw around the bottom of the mouse with chalk, to get the size right.

5. Cut out the circular base, and sew it on 3/4 of the way, using regular thread.

6. Leave a space open for stuffing, later.

7. Before stuffing, add the tail. Tie a knot in the embroidery thread, and sew it though at the bottom back, from the inside.  Cut the tail to the desired length, and tie a knot.

8. Now, you can stuff the mouse, and finish sewing the base shut.

9. To make the eyes, tie a double knot in the embroidery thread.  Sew it right through the center of the head, where you want the eyes to be.  Then, tie a knot on the other side, flush to the head, and cut of the excess.

10. To make the ears, cut out the shapes below.  The brown a little bigger than the pink.

11. Pinch the bottom of the ear to add dimension, and sew it closed, just at the bottom.

12. Sew the ears onto the head.  For the nose, sew pink embroidery thread around the tip of the nose, around and around, until you reach the desired size.

Job complete!

Your mouse is ready!

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