How to make a felt Christmas

Here’s a great felt project idea for the Christmas season.

Christmas is a great time to get crafty and whimsical. With the arrival of our first child in 2010, the pressure was on to get into the Christmas spirit! I had just taught myself how to sew, but really wasn’t very skilled. What could I create? I looked to felt as an easy option. It’s strong and you don’t need to hem the edges. It also has that wonderful wintery and wooly look to it.  Perfect! Let’s get crafting!

With minimal sewing skills, here’s how I created a felt Christmas scene for our mantle:

1. Create an inspiration board.

Think of your favorite iconic Christmas images.

(Christmas Tree – Wreath – Ornaments – Snowflakes – Stars –  Santa Claus – Elves – Santa’s Hat – Christmas Cookies – Sled – Reindeer)

Think about different cultural designs you’ve seen.

I looked to the Scandinavian styles for inspiration. They are simple, and often easily replicated.

To avoid an overwhelming sewing project, try to stick with simple images.

Elaborate on them to make them your own.

Look online, in magazines and illustrated Christmas books for inspiration.

2.Doodle & Draw

Get out the paper and pencil and start drawing from what you’ve just been inspired by. Take a few attempts to get your design just right for the space you are thinking of.  Keep in mind shapes you will be able to sew fairly easily.

3.Buy your felt.

At the fabric store, you will see 2 primary types of felt.  Expensive wool felt, and inexpensive synthetic felt.  I would recommend the inexpensive felt for this project to allow room for error when cutting out the design. It’s more fun if you don’t feel the pressure of breaking the bank! Be sure to buy pieces big enough to accommodate the design you have in mind and for double layering.

4. Start cutting!

You can use a template, or draw directly onto the felt with chalk.  Once you have the big shape cut, you can start adding layers of detail for decoration, sewing them on either by hand or machine. Don’t be afraid to try things. This is the fun and creative part of the project!

5. Sew it all up and apply to the wall.

Double layer the large shapes for extra strength, and sew around the edges.  Then sew on the details you’ve created in layers on top.

I applied the final products to wall using double-sided tape. If you are afraid of damaging the walls, look at other adhesive choices on the market. Chose what you feel most comfortable with.

You’ve created a masterpiece that will last for years! Add a few finishing touches, and have a very merry Christmas!

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