Hand Lettering Artist Chris Wright

A few months ago my brother turned me on to this company called Hand Lettering Co. I checked out their site and was immediately drawn in by the many wonderful designs of artist Chris Wright. He takes inspirational quotes and transforms them into hip pieces of art. His eye for design, balance and very cool fonts is exquisite, and his ability to execute his ideas is even more impressive.

I was surprised how inexpensive his prints are, and immediately ordered four 8 X 10 designs. They did not disappoint. In person, they were even cooler than online.


Included in the packaging was a charming little bag that contained a couple of stickers of his designs, and a Thank You note that said, “Our desire is that these goods that have made their way into your hands would be a blessing to you.” I thought to myself, “wow, this is a really special artist that not only takes great care with his work, but obviously cares about people as well.” I decided to reach out to him and see if I could do a blog feature about his work. He graciously agreed to let me interview him, and here’s what he had to say….


  1. How and when in your life did you first become exposed to the art of hand lettering, and start to practice it yourself? I have always loved art and been particularly drawn to vintage/retro signs and their unique lettering. About two years ago, when I decided to branch out and start my own business, there were a number of hand lettering artists whose work I began to follow and keep up with. This inspired me to the point where that Christmas I started practicing the art myself by drawing various Scripture prints as gifts for family and friends. It just grew from there with more practice, trial and error, and an increasing enjoyment of the art.
  2. Did you study something design or drawing related in college, or are you completely self-taught?I have mainly been self-taught. I took a few design classes in college, but nothing quite like what I am doing now. I like to keep growing in knowing and perfecting the art of hand lettering and design, so I enjoy taking various online classes and tutorials, as well as learning from other artists online and what they’re doing. There’s a wealth of wisdom available now in this age of internet and technology!
  3. Do you have a muse? What inspires you? Much of my inspiration comes from old signs, labels, and packaging. I love the typography and the flourishes and detailing that can be found on some of the most random and likely forgotten pieces of the past. There are also so many brilliant lettering artists out there. I love to follow their work and that keeps me very inspired as well.
  4. Currently, what is your process for creating a new piece? Do you start with a freehand sketch or work with a digital program?I always start with a hand drawn sketch. Then, once I’m happy with the sketch I will ink it. I like to have it as complete as possible while still in my sketchbook. After that I scan it, bring it into a computer program where I will add various textures or colors, depending on the piece and the style I am going for.

For more of Chris Wright’s process and work, go to the source. Visit Hand Lettering Co. and purchase some of these hip, uplifting, and beautiful designs. And as always, let me know what you think.


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