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Watercolor Thank You cards


How to make your own Thank You cards. As a follow-up to the watercolor Christmas cards, I’ve created ‘Thank You’ cards along the same lines. Again, with a simple drawing which can be easily replicated.  This time, I have my…

Watercolor Easter Eggs


Using watercolor for easter eggs this year, really opened the door to new egg design possibilities! Here, you’ll see 3 easy egg painting techniques, you can try out yourself. 1.Tie-Dye Eggs My 3-year-old helped me paint these tie-dye eggs.  All you…

The Best Dish Chair Furniture

Wild Side Black Corduroy Dish Chair Gift Items [source Via :]

This folding chair is simply perfect. It combines an interesting design, with nice round shapes repeated in the seat, steel legs that are both attractive and durable, and a bold color statement that can fit in marvelously in any designed…